What are social signals? How social media impacts SEO

Every Entrepreneur wants their business to stand out online. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for your business to go unnoticed in the midst of the sea of businesses all fighting hard to be recognized online.

The noise made by all the businesses can be deafening, causing your business to literally disappear.

What you need, as an entrepreneur, is therefore a smart strategy for SEO application that will outdo your competitors. Social Media cannot be down played in today’s business world. However, the challenge is in keeping up with the pace set by Google.

Google keeps changing its algorithm from time to time, which makes it difficult to know what the most effective way of using social media is.

In 2013, there are a number of ways to use social media to produce the right signals to help your business gain online recognition.

 Firstly, Interaction is very important. Don’t create an account on social media and stay inactive and expect to see any results.

 You need to be active: share content that your followers find helpful, comment on other people’s content, thank people for tweets and for sharing or retweeting your content, basically keep the conversation going.

This is not time consuming. Setting aside a few minutes a day will surely yield results.

Secondly, Brand Building cannot be emphasized enough. When you brand your presence on social media, your followers will pass information on your brand via word of mouth.

You will get links, mentions, and ultimately, the customers, who you really need. So how do go about building your brand? Brand both your profile name and description, and link them to your website.

Your profile name and URL for both the social site and your website should be linked to the name of your business. Design your profile in a similar way to how you have designed your website.

For instance, you can use the company logo on your website as your profile picture on your social site. When you share content on your brand, ensure consistency. This will build your client’s trust.

Thirdly, make your content on the website very easy for people to share. Every page should have buttons that enable sharing of information, as well as every blog post.

 The site should have buttons to share your content on social networking sites. You should at least share your information on the largest social sites such as  Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter,

Fourthly, Have a specific platform. It’s no longer about how many social sites you have accounts in.

You need to have the specific ones that will generate traffic for you. You need to study your followers. If they are very active on Facebook, for instance, then your niche will be Facebook.

It’s crucial to note that social signals have to work hand in hand with other strategies like links and the content of your site, for your business to make the loudest noise online.


All About Facial Skin Care Routine

Facial skin care‘ is much more a matter of discipline than anything different. A skin care routine is actually you need (while you need to follow the facial skin care routine with complete seriousness).

Let’s quickly check what comprises a successful facial skin are routine. Well, very simply, a skin care routine can go through the following 4 steps:

 * Cleansing

 * Toning

* Exfoliating

* Moisturizing


Cleansing the skin is the first thing in skin care routine.Cleansing assists with removing dust, pollutants, grease and further oil from your very own skin, thereby preventing marring your skin. Just spot see your face and neck with a cleansing lotion or cream and gently massage it in your skin using upward strokes.

Start using a soft face tissue or cotton wool to wipe individual in a gentle patting fashion (really don’t rub).

Cleansing should be carried out at least twice a full day i.e. morning (as an element of complete facial skin care routine) and evening (in a standalone basis). Water soluble cleansers work best for inclusion in the facial skin care routine.


Toning often is the next within the facial skin care routine. However, this is actually the optional an element of the facial skin care routine.

Mostly, proper cleansing can complete toning. All traces of dirt, grease and excess cleanser will be removed by Tonning.

As opposed to making it component to your daily facial skin care routine, you possibly can use toning occasionally i.e. when you exposed to particularly harsh environment/pollution.


Exfoliation is again, style of, optional part in everyday routine for facial skin care. However, exfoliation is actually essential at least once 1 week (or twice, dependent upon the skin type also, the environmental conditions).

Exfoliation finds its location in facial skin care routine due to the natural tendency of skin to replenish the skin cells every A few weeks.

As being a facial skin care technique, exfoliation can be useful for removing the dead skin cells that block the pores, thus assisting our skin in the natural process. However, excessive or harsh exfoliation can cause damage to the skin; so you ought to balance it out.

The next thing in skin care is moisturizing. For that matter, moisturizing is central to the part of skin care routine.


Moisturizers prevent your skin from getting dry. Dry skin is really undesirable because it cause the upper layer skin to, leading to old skin debris. Again, use light upward strokes to help make the moisturizer more advantageous.

Moisturizers work the most effective when applied to warm and damp skin. Do not try to clear out all the moisture in the last steps of facial skin care routine.

Contour normal skin care routine, it’s also wise to exercise the examples below for facial skin care:

* Rather  just washing it away use proper make-up remover

* Pay heed into your skin type plus the environment, in picking facial skin care products.

* Prior to starting using a new facial skin care product, try it out by applying it on your short patch of skin e.g. ear lobes.

* Never rub skin too hard.

* Use sunscreen lotions for cover against sun.


7 Top best optimizer Apps for SEO/2019 Edition

Smartphones have made it much easier to do everything and using smartphone apps , you can also monitor the effectiveness of SEO on your website. The apps will track the metrics of your website as well as the analytics. There are various apps and it is important to choose those that are easy to use, effective at measuring and tracking the SEO of your website and give you the results that you need.

1. SEO Pro

This app has many multiple functions which is one of the biggest advantages of this app. The app can monitor the page rank of your website from multiple search engines, it also searches on Digg to monitor the number of times that content from your website has been posted there and it also shows your site’s meta tags. For iPhone 4 owners, to use SEO Pro the mobile broadband connection must be strong otherwise you will not be able to access the app.

2. iSEO

With iSEO you can check your rankings on various search engines check the keyword density in your site and post the result on email easily. You can also track the social media activity on various social media platforms.

3. Analytics App

This app is designed for the iPhone to present you with information from Google Analytics. The benefit of using the app is that you will get detailed information that you may not get from other apps. You can also access Google Analytics’s Advanced Segmentation features so that you can sort through a lot of data and use what it is important. You can also get various analytics reports such as Today report for a particular day’s information or a Dashboard report where you get a general overview of your website. Other fetures of the app include multiple logins and accounts using the same iOS device, your data is safe as the app creates a secure connection directly to Google that and you can connect directly to Google using either WiFi, a good mobile broadband connection, or Edge.

4. Ego

This SEO app analyses social media sites. You will be able to get site information from services such as Tumblr, RSS feeds, Twitter and others. It helps to manage social media sites so that you are able to create content on social media that is functional, convenient and useful to the target users. Ego also provides data from Google Analytics.

5. Site Rank

This app enables you to check your site rankings on Google and Alexa. The free version of the app does not have the inbound and external link monitor.

6. Website SEO Audit

This app has the advantage of measuring your site’s SEO performance and explaining it which is especially useful to people without much SEO experience. It has the ability to analyze backlinks, indeed pages, page rank on Google, meta tags usefulness on your site, image alt tags, HTML heading tags, and the length of time your page takes to load. You can also access data from Google Analytics and you can save data from the app within the app so you can access it later.

7. Google Analytics

This is the best free SEO app as it enables you to access data that analyzes the effectiveness of SEO in your site.


Learn SEO from the best Web marketers in the world

When I started learning about SEO years back I really didn’t know where to search my information and whom to learn from or believe. In fact, I lost a lot of time learning from some people that actually didn’t know anything about SEO on forums and websites. SEO is in constant evolution, learning the basics isn’t the hard part. You can learn the basics by browsing the web and spending hours reading here and there and experimenting what you learn over your personal websites or through experiences other had. It is very hard to discern what is good from bad and SEO is always a subject of controversy. Cracking the Google algorithm is not a easy task and fighting the competition can be as hard. SEO books are a excellent source of knowledge but there are some very bad E-book that you buy to realize you learned nothing and that in fact, you are leagues ahead of the person that wrote that. Repeating this process is  motivation over time to get you started to write your own E-book. At least it was for me.

There are millions of people using SEO out there, but only a handful of them that can be considered professional and that they really know what they are doing and why. The people that do not about about the Why and do not try to understand the Why are just amateurs that will never go far.

Do you need to pay for professional SEO advice and to learn? The answer is No for 99% of the internet Marketers. Reaching a very high level might require spending but I doubt you are in that 1%.

What I am getting to is that most of the really valuable SEO gold information is being blogged on the web and that if you know who to get it from you will be able to progress much faster. SEO is huge, you will keep learning about it for ever and you might as well try to learn the right stuff from the right people. I will show you where, and from whom to get your information. And WHY from them.

Matt Cutts

Website : http://www.mattcutts.com

Google Webmaster Central


Rand Fishkin (SEO Moz)

Blog: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/category/18

Barry Schwartz

Blog: http://www.cartoonbarry.com/seo_tips

Aaron Wall

Blog: http://www.seobook.com/blog

Ann Smarty

Blog: Link Building

Lee Odden

Blog: http://www.toprankblog.com/category/seo/seo-tips

Micheal Gray

Blog :http://www.wolf-howl.com

David Naylor

Blog : http://www.davidnaylor.co.uk/blog

Neil Patel

Website: http://www.quicksprout.com

Jennifer Laycock

Blog: http://www.searchengineguide.com/jennifer-laycock

Matt Mcgee

Website: http://www.smallbusinesssem.com

Patrick Altoft

Website : http://www.blogstorm.co.uk

Andy Beal


Dev Basu



There are some other very successful web marketers but many of them do not blog, or offer blogs of high quality. Just reading all the previous blogs will keep you occupied for days and no matter who you are and what your level is you will learn many things. These blogs are the highest quality updates you can find on the web coming from specialized individuals that fallow the evolution SEO in every way. They are the best teachers you will ever have for free. If you know where to get the information you can realize that the “secret stuff” really isn’t secret at all and that these individuals are ready to give it to you for free in blog formats.

If you are able to exploit the information that has just been shared with you. In the next weeks, your SEO level will explode. You will start to think differently, have different approaches, understand why you do things, realize all you have been doing wrong and also get closer to the knowledge level of people getting millions with SEO. Giving you more chance to achieve what you are aiming for.

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SEO backlink building for good traffic

What I am about to show you is a way to rank higher in the SERP and to build backlinks in a good way. There are thousands of different ways to do this, and some people will say that it isn’t the best. But who knows what is the best? At least, this method works well for me and can get me from NO Traffic to 60 Unique visitor a day or 20 000 000 Alexa rank to 600 000 Alexa Rank in 3 weeks.

 I know that there are some better methods out there, but they are being monopolized by the SEo Gurus and their influence. You don’t have to conform to what I am about to show you. you can take it as an example, or use it and then transform it according to your needs.

This method is quite simple, it regroups 4 traffic methods. There isn’t really a order, but I cover them all. Using these methods allow a good traffic income as it generates good backlinks, allowing to class better for the SERPs.

 Good referring site traffic, which comes from backlinks which further increase the SERPs while properly boosting the backlinks for faster backlink Indexing. What I use is, good content, forum signatures, blog commenting, backlink exchange, social bookmarking and proper backlink boosting.

Quality Content

Quality content is important for this kind of method as if your content and site is crap, no matter how good your backlinks and referrals are, the bounce rate will be enormous making unique visitors not so present on your site after all.

If they don’t like the site, or the content, they will leave before you can make money from ads or affiliates, etc… Not every methods need good content, like micro-bloging, all you need is traffic to make money and when I do that, I don’t bother with the content. But for this method, it is capital that the content is good as it is the root of the success.

What to do:

Start by writing a quality article ( like I am doing right now.) Make sure its unique. Then once its done you can start the method. Do No1 to 7.


You need to ping and make sure Search engines notice that your site has new content and that

It must be crawled at this new http://blogs.newsworldbbc.cf/ seo backlink building for good traffic/

as soon as they can getting you in the game faster.

2. Social bookmarking

Then submit it to many social bookmarks that will allow Google to acknowledge the quality of the page even faster. Also it will bring some traffic to your site which can never hurt, and if they like the content you might get some further backlinks.

 Don’t count on that too much though. I use Bookmarkwiz to submit it to 34 bookmarking sites, it takes only 2 minute to do.

3. Find on what keywords you want this page to rank

Google sees each page as different, that why the PR isn’t shared for each page. Some sites have Inner pages with higher PR then Main page since they have really popular posts.

 You want to link to your article directly, not to the home page because it most certainly already has a keyword you want to rank on. (Don,t try to rank on more then 1 key phrase per page as it isn’t Optimization.)

You want each page to attract certain keyword on which you can rank. Use micro Niche Finder to find what keyword you should be able to take on.

4. Find your competitors

Once you found on what keyword you want to rank, use SEO Splyglass to see what you must do to beat your competitors on that keyword. Also do Reverse backlink engineering  to get easy backlinks to tie your opponents.

5. Blog commenting

You can use back-hat, scrape-box, or you can use other tricks to find quick blogs on which to comment, make sure they are dofollow. Write a comment like that one




I greatly appreciated this article as it is well written and informative. I came here looking for something and I found it!
The information is coherent and well displayed.
thank you,
Frank from <A href=”http://blogs.newsworldbbc.cf/the-article/”>article</A> prote

If you don’t want your comment to get blocked, use the HTML enabled tag instead of putting a keyword in the name: excellent way to get refused by administrator.

6. Boost your backlinks

When you get instant backlinks boost them by submitting them to social Bookmark, allowing Google to index them very fast ( giving credit to the link). Also ping the page you got a backlink from if it is instant.

1. Backlink exchange

The very best backlinks are those that come from within sites of others, so exchange backlinks with them, using the anchor you chose at NO.3 and pointing to the inner page you choose for that backlink.


All around this method is a great one, there are other methods that I use and I will write about them shortly. This method gives great result faster since you force the indexing yourself and give the power to a good keyword you choose yourself.


Understanding Social bookmarking Properly

Social Bookmarking is an important part of SEO, it can get search engines to index you many backlinks and also generate some traffic from these referral sites. Social bookmarking has been through a boom in the last years as more and more people use it on regular basis for their personal uses. This aspect and the demand for backlinks also gave a huge interest towards social bookmarking sites for people involved in SEO. Internet marketing and SEO have the fallowing interesting in social bookmarking sites:

  • Backlinks
  • traffic
  • boosting backlinks
  • Selling products
  • Traffic for Ads
  • Etc…

There are hundreds of social Bookmarking websites and some are dofollow while many are no follow.  Some are well administrated and ban many accounts while others are quite easy to spam. But not all social Bookmarking websites have neither the same traffic, nor the same PR and trust by Google.

boosting backlinks

When boosting back links it is important to submit to sites that Google trust and crawls often. Boosting backlinks is a method that consists of building some high level trust backlinks that will point to the page that is pointing on your site. Here is a graphic

On this graphic you see a Un boosted backlink. Blue site pointing to your site (green). The blue backlink is weak (unless from a high PR page), and will not be trusted by search engines: risking not to get indexed.

On this graphic you see a boosted backlink. Red sites are Social bookmarking websites. Blue site pointing to your site (green). The blue backlink is stronger as search engine see that it must be a good backlink, considering that it is being pointed at by several high trust sites.

This is how you boost backlinks with social bookmarking, also make sure to ping your website. This method isn’t used by much people but a good backlink getting indexed is worth more than 20 not getting indexed.

Referal traffic

Social bookmarking generates traffic booms as many people will explore your bookmarks if they seem interesting and are exposed on high traffic bookmarking sites. This can generate some sources of income. This traffic is only temporary and isn’t far as good as organic traffic.


When creating a bookmark, there will be a link pointing to your website. A backlink is created! Those backlinks can have some value for the Search engine ranking. If you submit to one social bookmark of course the weight will be very small. But submitting to 30 bookmarking websites really can have a power that can do a difference.

Using SocialBookmark for Optimization:

For a solid SEO boost, every time you have new content on a website you should post it on many Bookmarking websites. Google views each page of your website independently from another, bookmarking as much page as you can is really important as they allow you to class like you want, the way you want, for the keywords you want on every articles you post.

Automating the task:

Bookmarking can take a lot of time and there are some programs that do in 1 minute what could take you 30 minute or more. I use bookmarkwiz, it submits to 36 bookmarking websites and uses proxies, and different accounts so you won’t get banned and look suspicious.

I strongly recommend this program for a good bookmarking optimization.


Make sure you write quality content, as no matter how much you use Social bookmarks if the site they point to is bad, people will bounce off right away.


do follow Backlink :- How to Keep track of do follow Backlink exchange

With time you start to realize that the links on some of the websites you exchanged are nowhere to be found. You also realize that the person you exchanged link with now has a strong one way backlink since your link got removed. You want to delete the link pointing to his site! …But wait, you have no idea, no record, of what backlink was pointing to which site and suddenly you realize you got screwed really badly and there really isn’t much you can do about it.

Take time to consider that over time for various reasons some of the links you exchanged will disappear, I have established the next chart to clarify things.

90% of your Exchanged Links should stay up for 1 month

85% of your Exchanged Links should stay up for 3 months

75% of your Exchanged Links should stay up for 6 months

65% of your Exchanged Links should stay up for 1 year

50% of your Exchanged Links should stay up for 2 years

25% of your Exchanged Links should stay up for 5 years

Reason why you may lose your Backlink :

•          Deleted it himself for SEO purpose

•          Sold the website and the new owner deleted it

•          Stopped paying the web Host

•          Expired Domain

•          Link partner did a Mistake

Anyway, no matter the reason, having your backlinks removed is terrible for SEO. You do not want to get screwed again and again and you do not want to have links pointing to 404 pages leading to further penalties.

So what can you do about this problem?

So you can start and try to make a excel document and every month go verify manually if backlinks are up, on each of your websites. This task will eventually wear you out, consume too much time and you will just give up on checking backlinks.

Knowing this there has been several SEO tools for backlink cheking and more that have appeared on the market. The problem is people often w ait too long to buy these tools, and when they do it’s too late.

So you REALLY need to have a link tool when you start investing time in link building because you will realize, later on when you cannot avoid buying it anymore, that too much time has been wasted for nothing over backlink exchange and general backlink building.

Once again I am a Link assistant fan since all their products are part of my daily SEO life (4 products.) For link building reliability I strongly recommend using LinkAssistant. This software g ives you a complete and customizable working environ ment by putting all the tools you need. These actually help you get results quikly, making the development of used link popularity. Here’s just a short list of tasks you easily complete with LinkAssistant:

•          Instantly upload your directory to the website.

Work fast and instantly upload your directory without switching to other FTP program. When your list of partner’s link is growing daily, you have to re-upload the link directory each time you add new partner websites. LinkAssistant is you huge time-saver, as it does the upload for you instantly!

            Quickly address all partners in personalized emails.

SEOs who are Professional know how to approach owners of high-PR websites, ask them for a link and have huge chances to get it. You’re even smarter with LinkAssistant. You will find hundreds of  high-quality websites, instantly send out piles of personal link requests and convince site owners to link to you.

•          Establish 1-way, 3- way and 4- way linkreciprocal,.

Reciprocal links are those links that you get through link exchange help you push your website up in rankings and gain hundreds of positions! In addition 1-way, 3- and 4-way links have further greater potential to boost your ranks. LinkAssistant is the one and  only one tool that lets  an SEO newbie unleash the power hidden in these tricky link schemes!

•          Manage incoming mail.

Generally link building software won’t let you receive link requests or any other incoming mail from link partners inside the tool.  LinkAssistant is the only tool with a built–in fully–functional mail client that lets you take complete control over your correspondence.

•          Fixes your partners are linking back.

Here’s a way to check that all your links are in place and no one’s playing with you. Uprightly make sure your link partners really link back and aren’t using any black–hat SEO techniques. LinkAssistant is the only software that will find out robots.txt, JavaScripts, frames, redirects, nofollow tags and other tricks. Hence, there is chance to ensure every link you have is really working for you.

•          Monitor your link popularity over time.

LinkAssistant users have the advantage to keep a close eye on their daily progress. Whereas others are playing blind games with link popularity, you’re controlling your links growth and see at any moment how far you moved

•          Find valuable link partners and catch their contact info.

The most important links come from theme based relevant websites which are already trusted by search engines. LinkAssistant will look at sites through all angles, quickly pick hundreds of relevant high-quality websites and find their contact info, saving you countless weeks of work.

•          Generate your   directory with categories and subcategories.

You will make a professionally-looking directory with all your links easily fitted in numerous pages and arranged by website topics.  Your site’s visitors will easily navigate your directory. Apart from this, it will be search engine friendly, as such directory structure is great for your site’s SEO.

• Designing link directory to match  site’s look.

It takes few second to insert the directory into your website’s design and make sure your links pages match the rest of your site’s layout nicely, as if they were made by your own webmaster. You are sure to impress your partners with a professional link directory that fits your site.

The red parts are the most important reasons why I suggest Link Assistant in this situation. I’m strongly recommending you go and try it out, you can download the free version and then upgrade to the professional version later on when you realize how much you need this software. I bought the SEO PowerSuite 1 year ago and It was one of the best internet investment I had ever done. I added the links below so you can go and check it out.

Just remember that over time you will get overwhelmed and sooner or later realize that you cannot go on without decent tools to back you up and save you time and efforts. If you are not ready to invest, download the free version and try to work with the features that it has to offer. It can do a decent job for small websites and a little SEO campaign.

Now you should see that exchanging backlink is something very demanding but also that the backlinks you can get from this exchange are worth a fortune SEO-wise. Take the time to learn how to use the programs for link exchanging and try to go on the forums everyday to exchange and JUST by doing that you will see a huge change in your SERP.


New BUG is coming to Whatsapp, Photos of chat are disappearing

Whatsapp is such an app, without which nobody feels incompetent at this time because we keep sharing our messages with each other. But recently there has been a problem in regarding pictures. Many people have become disturbed by this.

Whatsapp always keeps adding some new features. Along with these new features, some bugs also came in the mobile. This is what some people say are using Whatsapp this time.

Recently, some users have updated their Whatsapp 2.19.66. This problem has come up with them. In which the photo of chats is being deleted.It was discovered when a user posted on Twitter writing that after some time it has been recovered, while some say that even now there is a problem.

If you also use beta version, then pay special attention to this, otherwise your photo may disappear from your Whatsapp. When the company came to know about this, they immediately started working to fix this bug.


Do Blogs Need Pictures?

“Do you need a picture for a blog?” This question is tricky. The answer is no. Imagery is there to enhance your content. Above all the purpose of including an image with your blog should not be to make up for weak content.

Pictures are also more appropriate for certain types of blogs rather than others. For instance, a blog about modern art or architecture might require pictures more than a blog about the latest computer chip would.

However there is no reason why the occasional picture can’t be used to augment your writing even if you are using a blog to sell a very dry product such as computer software. The true purpose of an illustration or photograph is to enhance your blog, not detract from it. If the image enhances the point you want to make or is even a well-attuned metaphor for what you are trying to say, then by all means use it.

One problem is that some blog templates are not that friendly when it comes to uploading pictures. In this case it is possible to have the image open in a separate web page so it does not interfere with the layout of your blog. This also gives your reader the choice of whether they want to bother looking at the image or not.

One design rule regarding images is to keep them all the same size. There is nothing that messes up the look of a well designed blog more than having differently sized photographs scattered all over the page. Another problem that you may likely encounter when uploading images onto a blog template is the issue of having to fit the image into a predetermined size. This can mean the image is squished, elongated or stretched laterally. If this is a problem, then don’t bother uploading an image at all.


Top 10 Free SEO Tools to Improve Ranking of your website

Hi. Breaking news today’s topic is to help your website to improve Rank in the Search Engine.

1- Screaming Spider Tool Frog SEO

You can try to look forward to Screaming Spider Tool Frog SEO (http://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/ ) which happens to be a small application that runs on Mac, Linux and Windows.  It makes it possible to easily detect the problems faced by your website such as missing page titles, page errors, broken links, missing H1 tags and so on.

2- SEO Sitecheckup

Another free tool that you can get hold of in order to improve the best rankings is SEO Site Checkup (http://www.seositecheckup.com ) that makes it possible to get the perfect help. It does not have to be installed on your computer which makes it possible to provide with security section as well as mobile usability tests as well that proves to be very useful for you.

  3- Google Results Bookmarklet

If you wish to know whether your top 10 websites of your competitors are fully optimized, you can try to run their websites through the tool from Google Results Bookmarklet (http://www.onlinesales.co.uk/google-results-bookmarklet/)   It proves to be very useful where it also does not take much time to get it installed as well.

 4- Google Trends

When you try to look forward to get the right information on what else is selling like hot cakes right now, then Google Trends ( http://www.google.com//trends)  makes it possible to provide you with the best access to all the latest hot searches where it helps to read as well as interpret the most important headlines as well.

5- Rank Checking Tool for Firefox

Being a rank tracker, Rank Checking Tool for Firefox (www.tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker/)   can make it possible to provide the best tools to improve the ranking of your website without any sort of problem at all.  It is also free for which you do not have to spend a single penny from your pocket as well.

 6- Quantcast

Quantcast ( http://www.quamtcast.com ) happens to be another free SEO till s that help a lot in improving the ranking of your website without any sort of problem at all.  It helps a lot in knowing the age of the visitors that visit your website as well as their college education as well.

 7- Soovle

Being another important SEO tools,  Soovle ( http://www.soovle.com) helps a lot in pulling data from Wikidepedia, Google, Yahoo, YouTube and so on  For business owners, it proves to be a perfect tool that can be used without any problem at all that helps to get good results in the search engines.

8- Topsy

If you wish to keep up with the industry related news, then you should make sure that you look forward to Topsy (http://www.topsy.com) that helps in tracking the web looking for photos, stories, tweets and so on  It makes it possible to promote your business in the best way by connecting to influencers, potential partners and so on.


IFTTT is an acronym for “If This Then That” (https://ifttt.com) that helps business owner to save a lot of time by automating boring tasks in the best way.  It should be noted that this is not a search engine tool but there are some people who use it as search engine optimizations as well for their purpose.

 10- Knowem

Knowem (www.knowem.com) helps in getting the right information whether a particular product or brand name has been taken or not. It also makes it possible to create the desired social site profile as well thereby helping you to improve the ranking of your website.

  Please don’t forget to give your valuable comments .


Top 10 Google Adsense Alternative

 If you are not lucky to get accepted to Google AdSense, then there is no reason to get panicked. Well, it is very well known fact that Google has got strict terms and conditions that make it very difficult to get accepted to their program. But there are alternative which you can find very useful. Although these programs does not pay much as Google but it is possible to make good and decent income out of it with the help of PPC advertising program without any problem at all. But you should also know the right way how to make the best use of it.

So, try these below 10 high paying Google AdSense alternatives:

 1- Clicksor

It is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives that help you to earn a decent income. This is because the bid values of cost per click are high enough where it also makes it possible to adds as many sites or domains that you wish and that too under a single account. When it comes to payment methods, it requires at least a payout of $20 only and if you wish to get it in check then it should be a minimum of $50.

 2- Ad Brite

Ad Brite is another alternative to Google Adsense where its revenue is typically split into 75:20 ratio. When it comes to its minimum payout, it is also very less which is only $5 but in this case, Ad Brite does not allow PayPal payment.

 3- BidVertiser

BidVertiser happens to be another Google Adsense alternative where it always displays the highest bidders on your site. It also goes a long way in assuring the maximum revenue possible and that too at any given point of time as well. Through PayPal, the minimum amount is $10 and if you wish to go for check then the minimum payable amount is $50.

  4- Chitika

You can also try to opt for Chitika, which happens to be very famous in some article directories. It makes it possible to compliment your existing publishing and advertising program with some additional Ad units. It has also got good referral program as well. For minimum payout you should have $20 which also accepts PayPal payments method too.


Having a great user interface and navigation through the user panel, AdToll has got a newest Ad technology. Payment is made from both check and PayPal where the payout threshold is $20 and $40 respectively.

 6 -ExitJunction

Another good Google Adsense alternative is ExitJunction where it monetizes 100% of your traffic. It goes a step ahead by paying you for your international traffic no matter whether you have traffic from the UK, US , India or China. It has also got a very good referral program. With a minimum earning of $25, it offers free payout via PayPal or check.

 7- EClickZ

By providing customized Ad Units to its publisher, eClickz helps to provide advantage of the global traffic by the publisher. Another interesting thing that it provides is that it makes it possible to withdraw money via PayPal where the minimum payout threshold is just $10.

 8- Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo Publisher Network seems to have the same restricted terms and conditions like that of AdSense.  The best thing is that you would be integrated with other Yahoo services like that include Add to my Yahoo (RSS.) Regarding its payment methods, it includes both check and PayPal.

 9- Microsoft Pub Center beta:

With a wide variety of design and reporting features, Microsoft Pub Center beta provide text ads for display on web pages. Here ads can be controlled by publisher to appear on the blog that makes it very interesting. It does not allow PayPal payment method as it pays only through check where the minimum payout thresold is just $50.

 10- Infolinks

Infolinks provides you with the next generation of in-text messaging. In other words, it means that ads are tightly integrated with the content where there is no requirement of any additional space as well. It claims itself that it provides the highest revenue share. When it comes to the payment methods, it is done through PayPal where the minimum threshold is $100.

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DO YOU KNOW Different Ways To Earn Income Online

Earn money alternative methods
earn money

There are lot of different ways to earn income online. Anytime someone wants to change their profession, there are dilemmas. This is especially true of any Internet business because of the various business opportunities open to all. Having said that, it is important to do it right. So, you must learn different ways to earn income online for newbie’s and those with experience.https://todayslatestbreakingnews.blogspot.com

Education is the key, but you have to get the right advice. This is difficult because everyone has an opinion and everyone claims to be an authority. That leaves newbie’s and the relatively new Internet marketers very confused.

For one thing, there are a slew of different ways to earn income online business models that you can pick from. For starters, do you want to own your own website or a blog? This question will have to be answered before you move on. There are differences between the two. The latter requires frequent posting, even if the posts are quite short.

Learn the different ways to earn income online and make more money

The blog can be about a subject that interests you or not. It may be something that you just think that you can make more money with. On the other hand, it may be something that you just want to express your own opinions about. Either way, constant posting is required. On the other hand, a website can just be a few pages without any frequent updating, you will have to try the different ways to earn income online.

Then, you have to look at the different ways to earn income online with a blog. There are a little ways in which to do this. The first is by allowing random advertisements which are known as adsense. These ads are displayed on every page, and are there for visitors to click on. When they do, you earn a commission. In some cases, it can be a few pennies. In other cases, it may even be a few dollars. Either way this can all add up.

One of the different thing that really interests people is that having their own online business blog, then learn the different ways to earn income online and that it can be done without one red cent of an investment. So, it’s ideal for the person who is just starting out and doesn’t have any money to invest or simply doesn’t want to.

With different ways to earn income online, owning your own blog ranks very high

One of the other different ways to earn income online, is by promoting products. This is called affiliate marketing. You simply find a product developed by others and promote it through your own means. If someone comes across your blog and clicks on a particular ad or link, purchases the product, then you will be rewarded a commission which has been predetermined. In many cases, this can be a very lucrative business model.

On the other hand, you may be an authority or be very passionate about a particular subject and you have created your own product area this is the way in which you can market the set product without having to share the profits with anyone. However, there are many different ways to earn income online, you have to decide on what best fit your needs.

And finally, one of the best methods is using CPA ads. This type of online marketing could earn you a lot of money. You have to sign up to a particular network that provides these ads, and if you are accepted you can start using them. Then when these ads are clicked on, with little or no action or making a very good living. any selling, you earn a commission. If you have a good amount of traffic, it can turn out to be profitable for you. Remember, different ways to earn income online will take some work and energy on your part, but it will pay big dividends in the end.


Why Bloggers Quit Blogging ?

Blogging has become a passion now a days. Everyone has started a free blog from blogger and they have started blogging.  Many people leave blogging due to some reason, they shut down there blog in 3-4 months.


They want to make their blog best, beautiful, appealing in no time and they want huge traffic should come in their blog within 3 or 4 days. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

I have come up with best reasons why Bloggers quit:

They think about money only

Many new bloggers have come into blogging. They think that blogging is an easy task and make money easily. But they don’t realize that it is only through hard work and consistent efforts.

The whole world is running behind the money. Best way to make money is to write a Paid guest post  for the other sites, you will get good amount of money.

“The only method to not consider cash is to own a good deal of it.”

Lack of Interest

People don’t take interest in blogging they only want to earn money that’s why they do blogging. They don’t know about any topics related to blogging. Some bloggers they just copy and paste content from other sites and paste it.

If I have to relate this point with an example of  a small child. As the mood of the small child changes according to different situations similarly blogger’s mood also changes very frequently.

Comparison with Other Bloggers

If you are comparing your site with other sites don’t do that. Everyone is born with some quality and everyone has some unique skills.

I know its difficult, not to compare with other bloggers. Don’t think that they have got more comments, more traffic, better pictures, awesome look than your site.  If you have negative thinking then you will not grow.


No Visitors in the Site

If you are not getting comments and traffic then  don’t be upset. I know its disheartening. You don’t get appreciation for your work.

Everyone needs encouragement to work better than before.

When bloggers are not encouraged by others, then they feel pressure. And due to this they quit blogging.

No monthly goals

If you are blogger then you should set up monthly goals for your blog. It will be easy for you to grow your blog. Concentrate on one topic for a week and write the entire thing about the topic. Go deep to the topic write everything that you know or you have read over the internet. This will help you to grow your site.

Set 6 month target

It is related with the above point only. In this people make mistake, they don’t set-up six month goal for their Blog. Think and then decide where you are standing and where you want to go. Set your target, Build Strategy.

If your blog is old then analyze your blog past history and work according to it only. If these think you keep in your find your blog will never fail and you will never quite Blogging.

Not Able To Face Failures

In every bloggers life there are ups and downs. You can’t expect success every time.

As in my case, I am blogging from the last 1 years. When I started blogging I thought it will be easy for me to blog. But as the time passed I got frustrated, and I deleted the site.

After few months, again I started new site with new spirit.

You can’t achieve anything easily you have to do hard work. Be positive and don’t lose your heart. If you are not getting much comment, traffic then don’t be upset. Work Hard To Get Success.

Concentrating on More Things

Many bloggers start there career with writing article, but as the time passes they get engaged with other things also, Like Web designing,  Paid Job and Other activities.

They start with multitasking jobs in daily life, this may the cause for the failure of their blog. To overcome this problem makes a schedule for blogging.


Tips for PR dofollow backlinks

do follow

Having a High quality websites/blog and not having traffic that means its just like having a bat without a ball. Though If you are composing quality content then you must get appropriate guests or visitors. Everyone is doing SEO for their blogs/website. To get huge traffic you need to do On-page and Off-page seo. Google’s Matt Cutts is to be considered Link-building is important for Getting pagerank which gradually results into great visitors from google look for search engine and to get great SERP that’s why you need to have great PR dofollow link directing to your blog. To improve page rank and to get traffic i am sharing 50+ high pr forums. –

So here are some hyperlinks which might find useful for building effective back-links for your blog which will improve your site position. Believe in me if you efficiently made back-links for your blog more than 500+ then your Weblog or Website Web page Rank will improve in just Few Several weeks !.

Now below i am sharing High PR Forums To Improve Page Rank. Look out below list and get your website/blog on the top of the Google search.

List Of 50+ High PR Forums To Improve Page Rank














































































That’s it ! Now start creating backlinks. Use the above forums list to create free high pr backlinks. Create profile on the above forums and add your blog links in the “profile” >> “website url/homepage”.

Now hope you get it all. Now try to share this post “High PR Forums To Improve Page Rank” with your social sites and with your friends. Directly share this post on your social sites using our below sharing is caring tool.


How to Earn Money in Blogging Strategies

Blogging can be a powerful marketing technique for small businesses if it’s done effectively and consistently. It can also be a means of selling other companies’ products and service online. Once you’re bringing in enough blog visitors and followers, there can also be opportunities to generate advertising revenue.

Although it’s easy to find free articles and tips online about making money through blogging, there are advantages to purchasing e-books and online courses that tell you how you can make money from a blog. In general, courses, e-books, and tutorials that you buy tend to have more specific information than articles, blog posts, and other free stuff that’s offered online.

Making money through blogging should not be viewed as a “get rich scheme”, but rather a realistic business model that be developed over a period of months and built up over time.

Here are some of the Blogging Tips.

Post updates on a regular basis. In order to gain followers and credibility as a blogger, having something to say at least a couple times a week is a key ingredient to a successful blog.

A conversational approach to blogging is usually the most effective way to connect with your audience.

Serious bloggers always need to be on the lookout for topics that would interest their audience. When you think of a good blog topic, jot it down so you don’t forget it.

Maintain a balance between providing engaging blog posts and promoting your products, services, or organization.

To help generate blog traffic, which of course is vital to making money through blogging, it’s vital to know what people are actually searching for online. Some basic knowledge of SEO is essential to getting ranked high in the search engines and being found on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.*

Why More People Aren’t Making Money through Blogging

It’s not a myth that there are plenty of money-making opportunities on the Internet, but no person with any real credibility would claim that it’s easy or that anyone who follows a few simple steps can become an instant success. Whether you’re talking about making money through blogging or any other type of strategy, it isn’t easy or a guaranteed road to success. If it was, than everyone would be doing it.

Most people who aspire to make money through blogging don’t stick with it because they don’t believe in their idea or themselves. Granted, it is possible to a blog concept that doesn’t have any potential to generate enough followers or income, but there are plenty of popular topics and viable ways of making money through blogging. To avoid spinning your wheels or re-inventing the wheel, it does make sense to read manuals and home study courses by entrepreneurs have have already achieved a degree of success in making money through blogging.

Once you have some good ideas and guidelines to work with, though, the magic ingredients to making money through blogging (or any other business model) are continuous action, belief in yourself, and a burning desire to be successful. Starting with some some tried-and-proven techniques is a strong beginning, but then you have to follow through, take action, and keep persisting until you success. You might make a few mistakes a long the way and encounter a few setbacks, but determination, taking action, and continuously following through will eventually produce the success you’re seeking. Don’t be the thousands of people who start a business idea, like making money through blogging, and then abandon it before they even gain any momentum. Be different and keep pursuing it until you start producing results. All you need is desire, motivation, accurate information and guidelines, and belief in yourself.


SEO – A Beginner’s Perspective

search engine optimization

The World Wide Web is a fun place to explore because there are so many websites that are online anytime of the day, ranging from online services and social-networking sites like Facebook to simple blogs that can provide some useful information seo | seo for beginners. You might be wondering exactly how these websites get famous. You can’t just launch a website in an Internet that is filled with thousands of other sites that may be similar to yours. Word of mouth and some online advertising can pump up your traffic for a bit, but you have to do it consistently if you expect hundreds of visitors to see your site every day. Think about how you discover sites on the web. Also login to https://todayslatestbreakingnews.blogspot.com

Yes, there are some people that may share some cool site links with you. As for other things, the most likely site that you will go to is the search engine. From there, you will type any keywords that you think will lead you to the site that you are looking for. The search engine will then return hundreds to millions of search results with some of the best sites often appearing on the first page. After you clicked on a link, you can enjoy the content.

If that site was your site, you can immediately see the potential in having your site listed in the search engine. If there are so many other people that are like you in using the search engine and search terms, your site would get so much traffic, and you don’t have to do a thing in spreading the word or advertising. Well, that is only partly true because advertising is still good, and you still need to do some footwork in order for your site to appear on the search engine. If search engines top your interests, you will have to enter the world of SEO or search engine optimization.

You may have heard of search engine optimization before, especially if you tried to get yourself into affiliate marketing or any online Internet opportunity that has something to do with referrals and the like. However, if you dive into those subjects, you may get confused with all of those business and marketing terms. SEO can sound complicated that way, but it doesn’t have to. Search engine optimization is best defined as a practice that involves making your website index able for the search engines so people that actually type in related keywords can see your site.

You have to keep in mind that search engines do not have access to the four corners of the Internet. That would be like playing favoritism with certain pages and would simply be unfair to other sites. Search engines are not directories of sites but are actual websites themselves that send scripts called robots to scour the web for index able content.

SEO is not by any means a necessity for having a thriving site with stable traffic. However, if you find yourself struggling to advertise your sites in different areas, SEO can serve as your fast-forward button because the results are faster. Still, you have to understand that trying out any of the SEO tricks won’t boost your traffic instantaneously. There are various other factors that can affect this, such as the type of site you are trying to promote. The idea is that when people start finding your site in the search engines, the traffic should increase exponentially. You can try some of the faster methods in bringing traffic, but there are fewer chances for progress to go any higher. There will never be that period where the traffic goes over the roof unless you plug in SEO.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many SEO guides on the net and possibly even more eBooks that span hundreds of pages. A good number of these guides is actually useful, but if you want to have the simplest approach, just continue to update your site with new content.

The thing with search engines, whether it is Google or Bing, is that they love new and fresh content. This is exactly why so many blogs exist today. Blogs are very easy to update and you do not have to constantly edit your site’s HTML just to show that new stuff has been added. Even if your site doesn’t need a blog, the most important thing is that you have a platform that is easy to update and easy for others to subscribe to. Popular blog platforms like WordPress are a good choice because you don’t have to worry about meta tags and the like which are also important for SEO.

The content plays a major role for successful search engine marketing. If you see various SEO guides that talk about content, you will often come across the importance of keywords. Yes, keywords are indeed important but getting too concerned about keywords too early can hamper your productivity due to all the confusion. It is also difficult to compete in a keyword perspective because there might be more popular sites that are nearly impossible to compete with.

However, not all hope is lost, all you need to do is write naturally because at the end of the day, you are targeting visitors and not search engines. You need search engines to attract people, but it will be the people that will judge your site and its content. So don’t worry about keywords for the time being and focus on quality content. Try doing regular updates in a single month period so you can move on to the next phase.

This is where word of mouth and direct advertising become more important. Search engines are not just after keywords when it comes to ranking. They also rank sites according to the number of inbound links. You can get an inbound link if a link to your site is posted elsewhere. Let’s say another blog gave you a shout out because your blog covers an interesting topic. That blog will paste a link to your website for others to click on. Having lots of these types of links are good, and you can work on those by resorting to forum and social media marketing because you can register and actively share links.

After that, you can start addressing the keyword’s situation by using a keyword tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Since you populated your site with tons of content, the keyword tool should give you some good keyword suggestions that are not highly competitive so your site stands a chance in getting a good ranking. Once you have those keywords, simply implement them in future updates, and you should have a good site that is optimized for search engines as long as you continue to get inbound links, advertise more, and keep updating.


Have You Heard About The Google Panda Update

google panda

If you have a website of your own I can pretty much guess , that you have in fact heard of the new Google panda update, and if you don’t have a website, there is still a very good chance you have also heard about this change to SEO (search engine optimization.) No doubt, every website owner would love to google panda update panda update have his or her website to achieve a great search engine ranking. That way when someone types in certain key words that happen to be about what your website is promoting, the best case scenario would be that your site would come up on the first page of Google. There are people who will continue past the first page of search results to find what they are looking for, but as we know, there are many impatient people who want what they want – now!

Search engines such as Google have the responsibility to find out the legitimacy of each website and then rank them in view of that. The purpose for that is so that people can find quality results that they are searching for online. To put this into practice, Google is formulating and integrating algorithms periodically to keep website owners in check. One of these fairly new ones is called Panda as Google calls it, and is known as Farmer by the media. This Google panda update is not quite months old as of right now .

The main reasoning behind this Google panda update is to provide Internet users with high ranking websites that actually have information to offer that is of high value and quality to the reader. This improvement was aimed at giving due credit to the publishers out there who are indeed contributing content that is very good, thus increasing the traffic to their websites, which could in turn be quite profitable for those website owners and publishers. Tools such as feedback signals for less experienced users were integrated to help drive them towards suitable search results. Another useful data that the Google panda update incorporates is to take into account websites that some users have blocked for some reason or another. This important Google panda update helps to eliminate the factor, which had previously allowed those lower quality websites to demonstrate very good search results.

Although this Google panda update algorithm is still in its testing phases, it is already working to find the content on the Internet that brings value and quality. Some big names businesses on the Internet which previously were ranked quite highly within the search engine results have taken quite a huge fall recently. A very big name that probably most if not all people will recognize, which has had quite a negative impact from this new Google panda update is Ezine articles. This website’s Alexa ranking tumbled down greatly from one hundred and nine prior to the Google panda update to a ranking of two hundred and nine afterwards. With this big change in the search engine results Ezine has lost thirty five percent of its web traffic, and they have to work extremely hard at regaining that traffic by only allowing content that truly has value for the reader and is of quality material only.

Gone are the days when people could write whatever they wanted to and in any fashion they deemed appropriate, which include things like poor grammar, forgetting that thing called spell check, copying and pasting others’ materials and cramming articles to overflowing with keywords simply with the hopes of pushing their rankings to the top of the search engines or in other words, trying very hard to manipulate the system. In this way, the “cheaters” will be found out and lessened in the rankings while the ones who have something to say and say it quite well will be the ones ranking highly. I am sure there are many upset people who are not happy about this news, but it helps everyone remember that information on the Internet isn’t about playing a game to see who can get the highest ranking; it is about providing intelligent, meaningful, well researched material for the readers.

You may be wondering just what makes a website at risk to the Google panda update for finding where the low quality sites are located. Low quality content contains a high percentage of duplicate content for starters. This could be in reference to the entire website or perhaps just a single page or two of it. A low amount of content which is original on a website or page can signal panda. Furthermore, a large amount of inappropriate advertisements or perhaps even just too many advertisements (hence less quality writing) can trigger it. Another thing to trigger panda is a low amount of visits to a page and a low return rate as well. Low quality content is the biggest red flag which can have a very negative effect on a site’s rankings. You see, the saying “content is king” is now more important than it was in the past. Without well-written unique content google panda update panda updating you probably won’t have a true chance becoming successful online anymore.

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel if you find that you have been “hit” by the Google panda update? Yes. The very first thing to do is to perform a thorough evaluation of all the content, which is on your website and do your absolute best to improve its quality. If you need help and know that writing is not your greatest strength, there are companies that have professional writers who can be a big help, especially in the content area of your writing. One such company that is both stable and reputable is called NeedAnArticle.com. They do quality work in very reasonable time frames and with very reasonable prices.

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How to make money on the net without any investment and THAT TOO scam free

money with blogging

Many ways are available in internet you can make money from them. First of all, you have to decide which way you want to go. Just to name a few:

1) Develop and sell your own product.

2) Affiliate Marketing

3) Blogging.

4) Membership Sites.

5) Ebay.

In any internet business, there are 2 main things you need to do. Traffic generation and traffic conversion.

Now, for each, there are many things you need to learn. For example:

Traffic Generation

1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Pay per click advertising

3) Press release

4) Article marketing

5) Banner advertising

Traffic Conversion

1) Copywriting

2) Email marketing

On top of that, you still have the technical stuff you need to learn or outsource:

1) Webhosting

2) Building website, etc.

For a beginner, you can try affiliate marketing. It means helping to promote other people’s merchants products and getting paid a commission whenever you get a sale. For most of the merchants, there is no cost to sign up as an affiliate (or promoter)

You have to depend on free or organic traffic if you do not wish to spend any money, generation methods to drive traffic to the merchant that you are promoting for. Organic traffic will take more time to generate but at the end of the day it’s really a tradeoff between time and money.

If you have money to spend, you can create traffic more rapidly while spending less time otherwise you have to spend more time to create more traffic.

Using forums and article marketing are some examples of free traffic methods.

Blogging is the best way to make consistent money online. If you are a beginner, then you should wait for some time for the blog to get popular.

The success behind a money making blog is

1. Quality of post

2. Frequency of post (readers come everyday, so they want new things to read)

3. Design of the page.

4. Speed in which the blog loads.

5. SEO factor

And many others things make a blog successful. To achieve successful blogger you should  subscribe to other blogs writing and blogging. (I’m a blogger my self I subscribe to more than 20 great blogs to learn new things, even though I’m a professional blogger)

Therefore, at the beginning blog on to make money doesn’t work. To start earning serious money Blogging should be taken with serious intention.

These are some tips to earn money out of your blog.

  1. Pay Per Click advertisements like Adsense, Bidvertiser, Chitika and others.It is known as PPC

     2. In Text – Info links and Kontera

     3. CPM – Banner ads such as Adtegrity and others

      4. Private Ads

      5. Selling Link (Google really hates link selling- So I strongly recommend you   “not” to use them)

     6. For companies or their products writing sponsored Posts or paid article.

also visit https://todayslatestbreakingnews.blogspot.com




Blog monetization is the simplest thing that anyone can do in making money online. However, several bloggers find it hard to earn income through blogs; even though it is not hard to set up. It is because; these people do not know exactly how to make money through their blogs. Blogging is easy to set up but needs to be planned to incorporate with tips and tricks in order to make money out of it. How to make money blogging means to experiment something with different sources in order to monetize it and earn money out of the blogs. Anyone must have to consider several things or tips in order to make blogging successfully.

What blogging all about?

Blogging is an online way of publication, or it is just a diary that anyone can be able to create with a platform as WordPress. A blogger is a person who will write articles also the owner or administrator of his or her own written articles. Blogger must have his or her own account; log on it with the account name and password, write a post as making diary entry and publish it. Blog for money can be private, visible to selected people or share it in public. It is advantageous to make the blog open to the public, because anyone can be able to search it and it would be known and discovered by a website through the search engine. Know how to make money blogging is so important to the online business.

Opportunities in making money online or through the internet abounds. However, few of them can be as fun as making blogs. Blogging is fun and easy to set up. Writing a blog is just talking as anyone should, talk like an ordinary talk about the things anyone wants to express. Making a blog is making authority for oneself and earns money out of it. How to make money blogging is just easy if anyone knows how to manage it well. In addition, anyone must have to know the tips for successful money-making blogs. Learn on a better way to earn cash out of own blogs.

 The considerable thing on how to make money blogging

Anyone is capable to make his or her own blog, as long as internet connection is present and capable of type. Anyone can make a blog for free on such website such as Blogger.com. Blogger must have:

1.       Interested in the blog theme

2.       Capability to create quality posts

3.       Know anyone’s niche market in order to publish a blog that the suitable to the reader

4.       Capability to monetize a blog.

Making a blog for the thing that anyone loves is advantageous to make a successful blog for money. That is why, make blog those interests and inspire one in order to come up with great result. In the other hand, it is so essential to know how to make money blogging.

Knowing how to make money blogging makes an excellent opportunity for anyone to increase monthly revenue or to make a full-time income or profit over the internet. Blogging brings different advantages and benefits to anyone’s online business. If anyone wishes to make or generate money through the internet or online, then, anyone must have to look and know every aspect of generating an income online. Learn different techniques and ways to earn money on the internet and apply these methods to business in order to be successful in online business. Make blogs and earn money out of it is not hard when anyone has knowledge on how to do it.

Requirements on how to make money blogging

1.       The blog must have to be dedicated to a niche market.

2.       The blog must be updated regularly

3.       The blog must have enough backlinks

4.       A blog must have good blog host or application

5.       Articles must be of high quality and have supported with images.

The internet has become the best wealth-creating resources worldwide. The internet helps countless individuals become millionaires through the internet as they found the right ways of providing products and services on the internet. If anyone has a broad mind and willing to learn new things will surely find it for convenience. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to use the internet for money-making purposes. The only thing that anyone must have to bear in mind is to be teachable and willing to learn. There are bulks of opportunities online, which are useful to give money. Grab the opportunity to learn how to make money blogging.

How to make money blogging is one of the things that are popular in these days. To those people who know the tips and tricks on online business marketing, it would be easy for them to set up online marketing for a potential client who is able to provide them considerable advantage and benefits. Making money online is just hard on the first stage of the process. However, as the time will pass, anyone will become used to it and succeed in the next years with hard work. Anyone can be able to find different ways to make money online. However, anyone must hard work, and have perspective and right strategies.

One of the things to consider on how to make money blogging is RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. There are several blog formats that already have an RSS feed attached. Anyone can be able to set up his or her own feed at Feedburner and attached or put a code on the blog in order for subscribers to opt-in, and they are able to receive articles through their email. Feedburner is easy to set up and is popular. In making blogs earn money on the internet, RSS feed is so essential to visitors. It will let visitors been updated with the content of the blog and raise the chance of the reader to return to anyone’s blog post.

At the time that visitors will leave comments to the blog, anyone can be able to send them an email. Else, anyone can be able to use the program or software that will do the task automatically. Veritable blogging or to make money online software that does this is a program has called Opt-in Comments. Whenever visitors will leave a comment on anyone’s blog, the software or program will send email automatically, requesting them to join in the mailing list. This software is useful to capture or draw even more subscribers than old methods. That is why; it is so crucial to know how to make money blogging in order to be successful in the online business.

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It is common to be prone to blisters in the mouth, but at times the problem increases so much that it leads to cause of cancer.

Mouth ulcer is a very common problem, but ignoring it can also prove to be deadly, because it can also be a sign of a serious illness. There are many reasons for this, only right treatment can give them cured.

mouth ulcer


Ulcers in the mouth gives too much pain while eating and drinking.

 One becomes Irritable.

Always feel tired.

Redness starts to appear in the mouth wounds.


 It is not necessarily that the reason by which one person has ulcer, the other person is also has the same reason for developing ulcer. Many times the heat of the stomach also causes such blisters.

The use of excessive chili-spices is also responsible for it, if the stomach is not functioning properly, then its reaction can appear in the form of mouth ulcers.

Sometimes while eating some part of tongue or cheek comes between the teeth, due to which the barks are formed. Such blisters usually cure themselves by mouth saliva.

The side effects of allopathic medicines can also cause ulcers in the mouth, especially with the use of antibiotics for long periods of time. Using antibiotic in a greater quantity reduces the number of good bacteria in our intestines. As a result, ulcers develop in the mouth.

Due to the wrong structure of teeth Ulcer could develop. If the teeth are horizontally, pointed or half broken, and due to this they sting in the tongue or mouth or they are constantly rubbing them, the puffs are formed at that place. If a sharp tooth continues to fracture or sting with a tongue or cheek for a long time, then it can also lead to cancer. This is the reason, complete investigation and treatment becomes necessary.

After eating almonds etc and sleeping without mouth wash it is soaked. Apart from this tobacco, pan masala and smoking also cause mouth ulcers.

Mental stress is also one of the causes of mouth ulcers. Whether it is stress or work pressure in the job or any other thing.

If the blisters turn into cancer, then there is no pain in them at the beginning, but subsequent bleeding may start with sputum. Even in swallowing food, there seems to be trouble.

Hereditary problem

Some diseases can also cause ulcers in the mouth, such as herpes infection or swelling of the large intestine. Apart from this, these cancers can also be hereditary and may also be due to lack of ability to fight diseases.


If the blisters are normal, then the vitamins-B complex and folic acid tablets will cure by taking it for two to three days.

Painkillers are also found in the market. Their use gives relief immediately. Apart from this, boro glycerin can also be planted or potassium paramagnetate solution should be used.

If there is constipation due to ulcers, then one spoon of isbugol should be taken at the nights.

If there are barks due to the sharpness of teeth, then they should be rubbed. If the doctor advises to remove the tooth, then there is no harm in getting it out.

Due to the curved stars due to the side-to-side teeth, they can also cause barks in the mouth, because they often collide with gums.

Do not eat hot tea-coffee and chili-spices if you have a blister, because they can increase the pain.

The use of a more rigid toothbrush also causes gums to peel or wound them. Therefore, always use soft brushes.

Remember, if any blister is not cured during a week, take it seriously and consult the doctor.

Keep an eye on mouth and stomach hygiene to avoid ulcers. The effects of weather also be a cause, such as too much heat.


Patients with mouth ulcers should use Vitamin-C tablet. For this, you can drink two-three glass orange juice daily. You can also get vitamin-C from tomatoes.

Avoid as much as you can, more spicy and fried foods.

Drink more fruits juice, drink plenty of water.

Do gargle two to three times a day.

Chew some leaves of Basil, it will give relief.

To reduce irritation of the bark, mix turmeric powder with glycerin and massage it on the ulcer portion.

 Types of mouth ulcer

Severe ulcer

As the name suggests, it is usually larger in size than the usual ulcer. This serious ulcer occurs only for one in 10 people. But when you find out that you have serious ulcers, you should immediately contact a good specialist doctor.

Common ulcer

Majority of people are suffering from general ulcer. It is also clear from its name that it is not too big in size and it is cured in about 10 days.

Herpetiform ulcer

Pinpoint ulcer is another name of Herpetiform ulcer . It is about three millimeters in size. Typically, only 10 percent of those between 10 to 40 years of age are affected by this ulcer. It is rare in children and the elderly.

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In India, one in eight women is in the grip of breast cancer. According to the news agency IANS, experts say that breast cancer is the most common among all types of cancer disease and the number of women suffering from this in the country is increasing rapidly.


Dr Sajjan Rajpurohit, head of the Medical Oncology Department of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center located at the Institute, says that abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body is called cancer. By continuously growing, pieces of this tissue reach the other parts of the body through the bloodstream and begin to expand to a new place. It is called metastasis.

According to Dr. Rajpurohit, it is very important to know about anatomy to know about breast cancer. Breast is an important part of the body. The main function of the breast is to make milk through its milk productive tissues. These tissues are attached to the nipple through the subtle vessels (duct). Apart from this, there are some other tissues, fibrous material, fat, nerves, blood vessels and some lymphatic channels around them that meet the structure of the breast.

It is important to know that in most breast cancer, due to the small calcification (hard particle) fracture in the duct  or small lump in the tissue of the breast which then develops to cancer. It can be spread through the lymphatic channel or blood flow to the other organs.

Breast Cancer Symptoms:

1. Lump in the breast or under the arms

2. Sudden changes in the shape or height of any breast

3. Breast or nipple becomes red.

4. Secretion of fluid like blood.

5. Tightening of the breast for a longer time.

6. Have a different look or feel on the skin of the breast or nipple (having

   dimple   looking, burning, streaky or contraction)

7.A part of the breast is different from the restUnder-skin


One or more of the above-mentioned symptoms should be examined immediately after spotting the symptoms. By early detection, the disease can be cured with very little treatment and fewer complications.

Cause and Risk Factor:

The true cause of breast cancer still not be ascertained. Although some conditions (risk factors) are clear, which are susceptible to breast cancer and women with these risk factors should continue to focus on the symptoms.

Family History:

Risk Factor of Family History is the most important. Breast cancer goes forward generation-over-generations. If a person has breast cancer in the first-degree relative, then the risk of breast cancer in the woman is almost twice as much as the other. Two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA 2, take this disease to the next generation and their investigation can be done to find out that is there any danger of breast cancer due to family history in a woman.

Any other type of cancer in the family:

Not only breast cancer but even any other type of cancer in the family should also be cautious.

Age: Women over the age of 50 years are more at risk of breast cancer.


Caucasian (essentially Europeans and Western Asia and white people of some parts of India) and Jewish women are more likely to have breast cancer compared to African-American women.


Female secretion of hormone estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer. Women who use contraceptive pills and after menopause has given hormone replacement increases the risk of breast cancer.

Some important points related to female:

Women who have been abnormal at various stages related to the menstrual period should be cautious about breast cancer. There are some main stages in it, such as menstrual cycle starting at age 12, conceiving after 30 years of age, menopause after age 55 and cycle of menstrual cycle less than 26 days or more than 29 days Happen.

Obesity and consumption of alcohol also increase the risk of breast cancer in women.


Starting from Stage 0, different stages show the severity of the disease.

Stage 0: Cancer made in milk-making tissue or duct is restricted to the same extent and it has not reached any other part of the body, even the rest of the breast.

Stage 1: The tissue starts to grow slowly and it affects the healthy tissue surrounding it. It can be spread to the fatty tissue of the breast and some tissues of the breasts can also reach near the lymph node.

Stage 2: The stage cancer progresses significantly or extends to other parts. It may have expanded to other parts.

Stage 3: Cancer can spread to bones or other organs, as well as 9 to 10 lymph nodes below the arms and a small part of collar bone has spread, which makes it difficult to treat.

Stage 4: Cancer liver, lung, bone and even brain have spread.


This is one of the most effective ways to identify the disease at the earliest level. It helps in controlling cancer with minimal treatment.

Automatic Testing:

All women should be aware of the correctness of the shape, shape, color, height, and strictness of the breast. Having any kind of secretion, focus on every condition like streaks, scars, or swelling on the breast, surrounding skin and nipple. The breasts should be properly tested by standing and lying.

Most women should have annual screening mammogram after 40 years of age. Women who have a family history of cancer should be tested in every 3 years from the age of 20 and should be tested every year after 40 years of age.

Women in the high risk category should start screening mammograms every year at a very young age.

Besides the mammogram, ultrasound can also be done.

If there is a greater risk then a breast MRI can also be done for breast cancer screening.

Prevention of Breast Cancer:

After so much information and awareness about the cause of breast cancer and the Risk Factor, there are certainly many such pathways which can help prevent or avoid this disease.

Exercise and a healthy diet and low intake of alcohol certainly decrease the possibility of cancer spreading.


6 symptoms for heart attack

6 symptoms for heart attack

Heart attack can occur suddenly, but there are some symptoms that appear to be visible 1 month before the heart attack. If you also see these 6 symptoms then be careful, because you can be a victim of heart attack. Now know these symptoms to avoid heart attacks –


 1 Chest discomfort – This is one of the symptoms responsible for heart attack. Any discomfort in the chest can make you a victim of a heart attack. Especially feeling pressure or burning sensation in the chest. Apart from this, if you experience some changes in chest or discomfort, immediately consult your doctor.

2 Fatigue – Without any work or workout if feel fatigue this may also be a knock of heart attack. When the heart arteries are closed or collapsed due to cholesterol, then the heart needs to work harder, this starts to feel tired soon. In such a situation, even after experiencing a good sleep at night, you experience laziness and fatigue, and you  feel the need for sleep or rest during the day also.

inflammation feet

3 Inflammation – When the heart has to work hard to bring blood to all the internal organs of the body, the veins are swollen and the likelihood of swelling in them increases. Its effect is particularly visible in the feet of the toes, ankle and other parts of the swelling. Sometimes in this situation surface of the lips seen as blue.


4 Longtime cold – Long-term cold or related symptoms also point to heart attacks. When the heart works hard for the circulation in the internal organs of the body, then the probability of bleeding in the blood lungs increases. Mucus in white or pink with cough in winter may be due to blood flowing in the lungs.

5 Dizziness – When your heart becomes weak, the circulation of blood is also becomes limited to the different parts of the body. In this way, the oxygen does not reach to the brain as per the requirement, causing problems like continuous dizziness or  feeling as head is very  light. This is a serious symptom responsible for heart attack, which you should pay attention immediately.

6.Apart from above if you have any type of change or lack  in  breathing, this may also be a symptom of heart attack. When the heart is unable to do its job properly, the amount of oxygen does not reach the lungs as much as it is necessary. Because of this there is difficulty in breathing. If something similar happens to you, then definitely you should consult  the doctor without delay.

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Tips to eliminate stubbornness of child

Tips to eliminate stubbornness of child

It is often seen that children with a lot of love become stubborn. If the child is only one, then they seem to be even more stubborn than parents’ extra love. Some children are buzzing, shy, or hyperactive. In such a situation, teaching and sharing with children is very important. Some of Expert opinions about how to teach such children:-

stubborn child

Parents must be a  good listeners

Child Experts and Psychologists say that every child needs parental time. There are many things in his mind that he cannot express. Parents today do not even have time to listen to the children’s whole thing. In such a  situation it is very important for parents to be good listeners to satisfy their children emotionally. You must make your child feel that once a day that they are very special for you.

Give full time to  children

Nowadays, there are mostly working couples, if you are one of them too, then try to give your child full time, because children need you more than toys and mobile. To spend time with them, clean their book shelf or clothing Almira. Teach some new things in the kitchen. Tell good stories while sleeping .Send them out to play so that their social circle increases.

Parents should be like a child’s friend

Regarding this, a common woman says, stay as a friend with the only child. They say that my son is three years old and is a premature special child. That’s why we decided that we just need one child. When it was born, the doctor said that he would never be able to speak, cannot sit or walk, but with a positive thought I became his good friend and today he can speak and walk. Generally, there will be lack of confidence in single child, so they should be encouraged to over come it.

Teach children to sharing-caring

When the child is alone, then all the people in the house roam in front of him, but along with playing with the child, it is necessary to teach them sharing and caring as well as loving them. He will not be stubborn if he will be taught to respect everyone, give service and share his things with others.

Raise sensitivity in the child

Parents should communicate with the child. He can be made a sensitive person by making a healthy discussion. Recognize the feelings of his soft mind and give feedback accordingly, so that he can understand the feelings of irritability, enthusiasm, panic and fear. Do not keep any matter under your child’s mind. Give him a chance to speak and express your interest by listening.


8 Muscle-Building Essential rules

8 Muscle-Building  Essential rules

Have you ever tried to find topic how to build Body? Many of us are those who have done gymnast with a lot of enthusiasm but they do not know the rules for body building. Who does not want to have a good body, but for that we need to become our own instructor. If you cannot become follow these tips.

Body Building

Today, you should look in any field like Bollywood, TV, Players and Models. All of them are focusing on their bodies and continuously working hard and following the rules through which they have made a very good body. Previously cine actors/actress used to do this, but nowadays, watch the actors of the serials broadcast on TV today.

You will find that all of them have very good bodies. Looking to this, there is a tremendous craze in the common man. Everyone is just trying to look fit, and why not, after all, a person with a fit body gets respect everywhere. Also read https://breakingnews791437596.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/what-increases-womens-memory/. Self-confidence is on the seventh heaven. We know that all of you would also like to do this.

So for this you will need a lot of hard work and right guidance. Incomplete knowledge can never reach you on the floor, but it can also prove fatal. To make a good body, you have to be smart and intelligent, increase knowledge of body building, and have to follow Body building rules. Then you will be able to move further towards your destination.

Now think one thing very carefully, you have seen many boys in your nearby gyms who have been working hard for years, but their progress is still very slow. In contrast to all the models and actors, they work harder than them but still make good bodies very quickly. Why is this?  Because they know very well the rules for body building.

They have their own instructors, but some people hire a fitness coach with very heavy fees. They do everything in their care, so there is no possibility of making mistakes. The coach guides them in every way. Ranging from eating to exercise and staying. Now you must be thinking that we can not do all that much.

Every man has his own budget and he has to walk according to this. Your job is to work hard and it’s going to be a guide, so your guide will be yours. So let’s go ahead and do not wander from the topic and know what the rules for building the bodies are.

But before that one thing you would definitely want to tell that it is not enough to just know anything about something, it has to be implemented. The same thing applies to Body building Rules too. You just do not have to know them; they just have to be believed. Then only you will be defiantly able to achieve the goal. Now let’s try to know the rules for making body.

(1) Create an exercise plan – Many people just go to the gym and any weight comes in hand or if  it is  free available, they starts picking up. They do not have any strategy. Similarly, by performing 2-3 months, they wait for good results. But it will not do anything by doing this.

You have to create a weekly plan of your exercise, in which every body part exercise comes just 2 times a week. There are 6 body parts in our body which we are exercising such as arms, chest, back, legs, shoulder and cardio. You exercise 2 body parts every day and take 1 day leave in a week. Then only some benefits you have by making an exercise plan.

(2) Be regular – after creating an Exercise plan, 2nd Body Building rule has the next point of being regular. It is one of the major reasons why the body is not formed. Many people do this mistake, after 3 days of exercise they do not go to the gym for 4th day and repeat this mistake. Such people never imagine making a good body. Believe that rest is needed, but not so much rest.

(3) Take a look at your food plate – The people who make the body have different eating habits. They eat 4-5 times a day; many eat in  6 times. But they eat a bit and eat healthy every time. We are also trying to tell you that whenever you pick up the plate for food, take it seriously to see if you can get 25 grams of protein from it?

Yes, every time you sit down, you take special care of this thing that every time you eat, you get 25 grams of protein. If not, then you change your food habits. Many people think that consuming 4 bananas, 3 eggs and 1 liter milk will make a body. It does not happen, you will have to press hard and follow rules to change the structure of the body.

(4) Do not depend only on supplements – we have seen many such people who buy 1 box protein and are assured that now the body will be ready even if you do not eat anything. This is the biggest mistake of those who think that. Supplements are so made that you cannot get what you are getting from food. You will have to eat the rest apart from this pack of protein.

So if you think, then be sure that the supplement will give you the result when you are good and support it. Otherwise your money will be wasted.

(5) Note the Body formation– it is a straightforward thing that if your body formation is getting worse while adding weight, then you will not get a good result of that exercise. Most people spoil their body form in the rotation of weight; those people try to bend at one side which is wrong, while putting weight.

It is not necessary that you have so much weight that you have to tilt your body around for it. More important than this, you have to put weight properly. The ability to wear more weight will gradually increase.

(6) Do not consider yourself as an expert :- many people do this mistake; what have you done for 3-4 months, do you forget to accept an Expert? Bodybuilding is a continuous learning process, do not deny it, accept it and keep on updating over time. In the gym, there are often new boys coming from somewhere, who have previously been trained in a great gym.

You can always learn something new from them, so do not be so proud that I am an expert. Talk to your seniors and learn from them. They have more experience than you; try to take advantage of their experience.

(7) Believe in yourself – It is important to believe in yourself to build a body or else you will be disappointed. During exercise, we need to increase weight from time to time. Many people are worried by seeing increased weight; you do not have to do this. Always keep in mind that you had picked up 70 kg weight yesterday, now 72 kg will also be raised, 2 kg more. You just have to trust in yourself.

(8) Challenge the muscles – many people just come to the gym and they go by putting the same daily weight, and expect the size of the muscles to grow. Muscle size will increase when you regularly increase your weight and challenge them. Sticking to the same weight for months will not increase your size. These are some special Body Building Rules.

You have to always keep in mind that after a certain time; you have to increase the weight. Keep increasing weight in all exercises in this manner, the size of the muscles will gradually increase.

So friends these were some body building rules for body making.  Do not forget to post and share the post. Thank you

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6 most devoted diet plan for weight loss

Consuming a balanced diet and doing physical activity in the right amount is the key for losing weight.

Foods for weight loss

Consuming a balanced diet and doing physical activity in the right amount is the key to losing weight. To maintain the level of energy and lead a healthy life, our body needs nutrients. There are many types of diet plan such as high protein diet, low carb diet, they can be chosen as an alternative to weight loss. Let’s tell you about Top 6 Diet Plan. Hardcore vegetarians help the people with low fat and high fiber diet to lose weight. In this type of diet, the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes is also greatly reduced. In this diet, the intake of meat and dairy products is totally prohibited.

Protein-based diet consists of 100 foods that are divided into four stages – attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. By taking the protein in the first stage, 2-3 kg weight goes smoothly. In the second phase, 28 specific vegetables are consumed to achieve its goal. Sugar and starchy foods are added to the stabilization stage, which aims to control excess weight. Following the rules in the last phase,the person can eat whatever they want.

The focus of this diet plan is to get rid of carbs in the diet and to increase protein and fat consumption. Similarly, the Dukan diet is divided into 4 parts. In the first stage, 20 grams of carb is taken for two weeks. Healthy carbs are provided in the other stages of the body. Being low-carb diet, it can be helpful in reducing stomach fat.

Apart from removing excess fat from your body, this diet can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases and also improves your mental and physical health. Protein is definitely included in one-third of this diet. The remaining two-thirds of the diet consist of fruits and vegetables.

In this diet, a set pattern is prepared throughout the day. This means that it has to consume calories in a specific period and you have to fast on the rest of the day. You can eat fruits and vegetables at a short interval. After that, you have to take a full diet at night.

This diet works wonders for those who suffer from overweight or metabolic problems. In this diet, low-carb diet such as fish, eggs, butter, meat and low-carb vegetables are eaten.

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What increases women’s memory?

Regular Interrelation

 What increases women’s memory ?

Because of the busy life of today, people forget many important tasks. Many times people meet doctors about this problem of forgetting.  They start Consuming medicines or eat almonds, and adopts many other methods, but if you are a woman and have become troubled by your forgetful habits, then this news is for you. Actually, according to a research, the memory of that women having regular sex is sharper than the memory of women who keep distance from sex.

 Positive effect on memory

According to the study, women who regularly have sex, the ability to remember their things and different words are better. This research is done by researchers from Montreal-based McGill University of Canada It was found that before PVI  (Penile-Vaginal Intercourse) means sex with a male partner, there is a positive effect on the memory of the well-qualified young women and their ability to remember is better.

Selection of these women taken for research

For this research,  78 heterosexual women between the ages of 18 and 29 years were selected. In which those women were asked to complete a computerized memory paradigm. There were some fictional words and inadvertent faces in that paradise. After completing this test by the youngsters’ women, it was seen that regular sex-participants remembered fictional words well. Yes, they did not get such a good success in remembering faces.


According to the findings of the research published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, a positive result may be given to remembering the fictional words on regular sex but not remembering the faces. That is, women who regularly do sexual intercourses, the ability to remember their things and words, are better than those women away from making sex.


Sleep and snoring, misconceptions and some interesting facts

With the advent of the Internet in our lives, medical knowledge increased tremendously among common mass people. Many people have already received information about symptoms before you go to the hospital. But remember that the information taken from the Internet is also bringing misconceptions with you. The reference in this article is about snoring. If you look at the Internet search results and health journals, you will find that the snoring means a direct meaning of sleep apnea (aspiration) and that the risk of heart attack, etc., in sleep. So what snoring really is so dangerous? Let’s get some interesting information about sleep, snoring and sleep apnea through this article.

The scientific reason for sleep is still not entirely known but can our daily routine work be done without sleep? The answer can be given by observing a small group of student who has to spend many nights without sleeping doing study, the first step by them is to take deep sleep as soon as the examination is over. Busy businessman or laborer, player or artist, after working a full day, everyone takes rest with the help of sleep. Proper sleep reduces many problems. Just one-hour shortage in sleeping time at night can bring a decrease of up to 32 percent in the day’s consciousness. During previous soccer World Cup, a Chinese man loses his life for waking up continuously for fifteen days. Indeed, due to the time zone difference between Brazil and China, the desire to see all the matches forced him not to sleep continuously. Research has proved that underdog mice have been subjected to metabolism and they are unable to survive even for two weeks.

It would be appropriate to assume that sleep is important for physical and mental exhaustion; it is also the scientific perception. After 1950, when the study of brain electric waves initiated, finding shows that the human brain does not rest during sleep, but is highly functional. Sleep in one night can be divided into three to four quarters. Every cycle passes through approximately five steps. The fourth stage is the deepest sleeping after which there is a phase of rapid eye movement or playful eye in which we also dream. It is very difficult to wake someone from the fourth stage. The growth of hormones and steroids flow during the night only, which accelerate the body’s daily processes. The rapid growth of cells and regularity in metabolism is the effect of deep sleep. During sleep, physical temperature decreases in cardiovascular and blood pressure, resulting in relaxation of the heart, increasing the production of proteins in the cells causes skin beautification; therefore deep sleep has also been called Beauty Sleep.

What is the role of snoring between them? How do snoring disrupted in the pleasant feeling of sleep? Is Snoring a Modern Life Problem? The answer is again different. In simple words, the shaking of the scalp muscles is the name of the vibration. The sleep can be done without apnea. Snoring is natural. The assumption is that our ancestors (Aadimanav) had learned to sleep in the night in order to protect their group, especially women, at night. The White House of America is witnesses to several types of snoring incidents. Once during a health visit to a US-based Washington hospital, their neighbors had to move from their rooms to the second floor only because other patients were unable to sleep due to the snuff of the President. In the modern era, women are not even behind, according to information, records of the world’s worst snort are in the account of Mrs. Jenny Chapman of England, whose sound strength is measured to 111 decibels, what is the DJ that plays around us next? Jet engines can also be ashamed before this. This is also a reason for the separation between husband and wife in the Western world.

Now let’s get some discussion about sleep apnea, it’s definitely a health problem and related to a range of lifestyle habits. Why is sleep apnea? Scientist says in the funny accent that sleep apnea is the result of the mistake of nature, during the advancement towards human beings from a monkey or chimpanzee, the lord does not remember that the four-legged sleeps on the stomach but humans sleep on the opposite side. Now, lying on the back, some free muscles of the throat spread to the back of the throat with the effect of gravity, and sleep apathy lies in the middle of the respiratory tract, in patients with sleep apnea, this effect of stretch is partly due to airflow Or completely inhibit the oxygen deficiency in the lungs. In extreme conditions, blood deficiency can occur. The human brain can tolerate this oxygen flow gape for a maximum of ten seconds. The solution to this problem is by arriving in the cerebral semi or complete wakeful condition, which reduces the relaxation of the muscles, the respiratory tract opens again, the oxygen flows again and the body goes back to sleep. These cycles are called sleep apnea. By running these cycles, again and again, human beings are deprived of deep sleep.

The quality of sleeping due to industrialization and convenienceism is heading towards health problem. For this purpose, there has been a lot of increase in sleep medicine research in the last 25 years; it would be relevant to say that the 2017 Nobel Prize has been given to three doctors presenting the details of the circadian rhythm (bio cyclic recurrence). Facts show the importance of sleep ironically, our routine with modernization has changed so much that we are perhaps ignoring the important part of life. Programs of prime time show have snatched away the evening. So whether passing the time, the biological development of the human species will change the structure of the body? Probably many generations have to wait for answers, but we should have healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and a balanced lifestyle.


Know about the causes of smells coming from your mouth

Many times smell of mouth can be a very bad experience. Many times you do not even know that your mouth smells bad. You might not even understand that why people not to tend to love you while talking,. If this is the thing   then it will be even more embarrassing for you. If your mouth smells too much then know the reason behind it and some of the easiest ways of those causes.

First of all, let’s go to know why the smell of mouth is coming from, because it is very important to find out the cause of the problem to eliminate the problem.

Many times consuming certain substances or some diseases can cause mouth stench, so keep this in concern.

Due to gum disease, zinc deficiency in the body or diabetes, mouth odor can occur. Eat plenty of things for Zinc and keep rinse from time to time to keep the mouth clean.

Many times more spicy foods also cause staining of the mouth. Onions, garlic etc. are often formed this situation. Brush and rinse the teeth right after eating this type of food.

Due to dryness in mouth, bacteria can cause stigma due to the thirst. It is important to keep drinking water from time to time. Also, take a mouthwash and mouth freshener.

Due to lack of proper digestion and stomach upset, there can also be smell of mouth. For this, take a walk for a while or eat some of the food after digestion.

Fennel, peppermint, cardamom, mushroom roasted cumin, coriander etc. are natural mouth fresheners,  chewing after eating and at other times make less mouth stench.



It is a general perception that sleeping on a clean bed brings good sleep. You have heard many such things. There are also many people who sleep without clothes, such people considers it as a healthy sleeping factor but many people tell this the wrong way. If you have a similar thought in your mind then this news is for you. In fact, we are giving you information about a survey in which nude sleeping is the gold that is said to be beneficial.

Away from the shame and hesitation

The National Sleep Foundation recently conducted a survey, in which it was found that 12 percent of the people in the US slept naked. It was said in the survey that shame and hesitation should be kept away from the nude sleeping because it is beneficial for the body. Scientists and doctors also took their advice on nudity sleeping as gold. According to the report, there is no infection on the body parts of the body by sleeping naked. While the infection increases while sleeping with underwear several times. If you want to avoid urology infections, says Atlantica City’s urologist Brian Steixner it is very beneficial to sleep without underwear which is highly beneficial.


On the other hand, according to Brian Steixner, sperm is also increased on nude sleeping. Sperms quality improves. Assuming Swedish research, when you sleep nude with your partner, your hormone oxytocin from your body reaches your brain, it removes your stress. You feel good According to Men Health Sleep Advisor W. Christopher Winter, you sleep better by being nude. The reason for this is that the temperature of your body becomes low. In such a situation, when you wake up in the morning, you feel refreshed. According to the research published in General Diabetes in the year 2014, the level of metabolism remains at standared level on sleeping nude.


Huge crowd more than double any major event in the world


Neither side nor end Generally everything is settled. Everywhere seen the only head in the world’s largest cultural gathering, the second bath festival of Kumbh on Mauni Amavasya. Such a mass of faith was not seen before on the holy Triveni coast.
All the embankments in the waves of devotion broke down. Sunny moon day’s night dived in between the water, the land, the monster closely watching it. According to Kumbh Mela administration, more than five crore pilgrims, who reached every corner of the country and the world by evening, plunge a virtue on 41 ghats including confluence.
With the return of the crowd, with the arrival of devotees in the number of lakhs out of the railway stations, bus stations, traffic on the main roads of Tirthraj Prayag has become standstill.

holy bath at sangam

After the midnight on the Pontoon Bridges, there was a mound of Amaniya Amavasya in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by crowds between the village of Arrah and Phaphmau. Long queues on the Pontoon bridges mounted between Phaphmau and Arrel between eight kilometers of Sangam coast. At the time of the royal bathing of the akhadas, the number of pontoon bridge no. In the morning stopped and stopped the traffic on the bridge and stopped, the situation started to become uncomfortable, but everything was well with God’s grace.

In the confluence of the traditions of good wishes, mental attributes and charity, people were walking in haste by celebrating Har Har Mahadev. Everywhere the bhajans were echoing, some of the holy trolleys were making Dhol and shrinking the color of faith by accumulating Ramnam on the dufflery. People were moving from one another to the confluence of confluence. In the same crowd, the priests also used to keep Tilak-Tripura, and there was a continuation of charity.

If the pressure of the crowd increased in the morning,  the darshan of the  Hanuman temple was stopped. Everybody was stunned and kept quiet and people kept dancing for virtue in the Sangam. All the paths were packed before the wind blew up. People had to reach Sangam at walking distance of eight to 10 km due to no entry zone of two-wheelers, four-wheel vehicles. Faith’s tide was similar to other places including Phaphmau, Bakshibandh, Nagavasukhi, Naini Bridge, Arale, Someshwar Mahadev.

Center of attraction was the Nagas in the Shahi  Bath of the Akhara Prayagraj. On the bathing festival of Mauni Amavasya, there was an eagerness on the bathing voyage to get a glimpse of the Nagas who came out for the royal bath in a variety of ways. Lakhs of people were eager to get the glimpse of the royal baths of the Nagas standing by the barricading and the lattice. When the Naga came out with the crown of the sword, Damru, Trident, and Rudraksha on his head, the sight of Sangam changed.

Saints at the confluence of the devotees Kumbhnagar:-  Yogi Adityanath Government left no stone unturned in hospitality. From 8 am onwards, flowering began with the helicopter between Sangam Nose and Arale-Phaphmau. From the morning till evening the flowers were dropped on the huge gathering.

-During this day more than 5 million pilgrims took a holy dip in the SANGAM of Prayagraj.



Surrogacy, you must have heard this word many times till date but what surrogacy is and why it is used. Such questions will often come to your mind. However, the surrogacy technique and the word is most popular or say that it has been used by Bollywood celebrities. Through Surrogacy, stars Karan Johar, Tusshar Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and others have become parents. Surrogacy is usually a boon for couples, who are left freezing despite countless attempts. Not only this, surrogacy is a technique or medium through which single people can also become parents without marriage. Therefore, today we are telling you the surrogacy and the complete information related to it …

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is such a technique, medium. Through which the destitute people can also become parents. Surrogacy in simple words is also called as ‘womb of rent’. In surrogacy  in body of a healthy woman, the sperm of the male is injected with medical technology. After 9 months, a healthy baby is born. In this technique, the doctors take care of pregnant women for 9 months . By which a healthy child can be born.

Information related to surrogacy:

1. Surrogacy is  a legal process, as it involves a legal agreement between a medical clinic, a healthy woman and a destitute couple. In which all the necessary conditions related to surrogacy are mentioned.

2. The use of surrogacy is usually done only on longevity of couples not having issues and on the failure of IVF technique.

3. For the surrogacy, the destitute couple has to choose a healthy woman by contacting the surrogacy medical clinic.

4. In the body of a healthy woman, the sperm of the male are injected through medical techniques. After which the surrogacy woman is under the supervision of the doctors for the next 9 months. By which a healthy child can be born.

5. After the birth of the child, the medical clinic handed over the child to the destitute couple and in return for the surrogacy the woman is given a fixed price.

6. Many changes have been made in the Surrogacy Bill 2018 by amending Bill of Surrogacy  2016. According to which surrogacy women will now be able to surrogate once in their life.

7. Any single or homosexual people will not be able to become parents with surrogacy.

8. Surrogacy technique or process was first adopted in the Western  countries. For the past few years, the trend of surrogacy has increased in India very fast.

9. The cost of surrogacy in India is very low compared to the West.


What is the surrogacy?


  What is the surrogacy?

Actor Aamir Khan and his wife, Kiran Rao, have got child happiness through surrogacy. However, the  actor has a daughter and a son from first  wife Reena Dutta . Aamir returns home with child happiness but  a curiosity has arisen among the people that what is the surrogacy and how  get a child from it?

The surrogacy is a great alternative to the childless, through which one can achieve the happiness of any child. This is needed when a woman is either infected with uterus or she is not able to conceive with any other reason (including infertility).
There are two types of surrogacy – a traditional surrogacy and a second gestational surrogacy. In the traditional surrogacy, the sperm of the father is fertilized with another female egg. In this, the genetic relationship is only from the father, whereas in the gestational surrogacy,  sperm of the parents are examined and the fetus is implanted in a surrogate mother’s womb. In this, the child’s genetic relationship is from both parent.

Surrogacy in India:           Anand, known as the milk capital, has now become a major center for surrogacy. It is worth mentioning that Amul, the largest milk brand in India. More than 150 fertility centers offer surrogacy services here. In the US, the cost of obtaining children through surrogacy cost more than Rs. 50 lakhs, whereas in India, this facility can be availed with  all the expenses in just 10 to 15 lakhs.According to information, to obtain the surrogacy services, most of the world  looks India. If there are 500 surrogacy cases in the whole year, 300 of them are only in India. Apart from Gujarat in India, this facility is available in Mumbai and some other cites. Since this facility is affordable in India, so foreigners are also turning towards India for rent womb.

Who is made surrogate mother:         Which woman would like to have a second child in her womb, belonging to some third person, but poverty and hunger compel to accept this . Generally, poor women of 18 to 35 years of age are ready to be consider as surrogate mothers. For this work they get three to four lakhs rupees and during this period, they get good food and full amenities.

There are  disputes:          After giving birth to a child several times, surrogate mother refuses to give the child due to emotional attachment and in such a situation,  dispute  created. Many such issues have also come to the flore. On the other hand, sometimes it happens when a born child is disabled or suffers from some other serious illness, the interested couple refuses to take it.

In India, there is no law to bind surrogacy, while surrogate mothers in UK and some other countries get mother status. Commercial surrogacy is not allowed in France, Netherlands, Norway.

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LG to launch 5G phone, Snapdragon 855 will be equipped with processor

LG to launch 5G Smart Phone

The handset maker company LG is going to organize the event next February 24, during the Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC 2019). Recently, LG has confirmed that the company will launch a high-end smartphone that will support 5G connectivity. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor will be used for speed and multitasking. In the upcoming LG smartphone, the Vapor Chamber Cooling System will have a battery of 4,000 mAh battery to boost the phone. However, LG has not yet veiled the phone’s name and other details.

Remember, LG shared a video on the YouTube channel on the 24th February event on the YouTube channel. This video is titled LG Premiere. South Korean company can expect gesture control in the next smartphone. LG announced in August last year that the company is in the process of launching a 5G smartphone. Now the company has confirmed that the company will take the phone in MWC 2019 from the phone equipped with its 5G support.

Snapdragon 855 chipset will be used to boost the performance of LG’s upcoming 5G smartphone by up to 45 percent. The wafer chamber cooling system will be used to make the thermal management work better, and it will be 2.7 times more effective. Remember, the heat pipe system was used in the LG V40 ThinQ. The phone will have a battery of 4,000 mAh to boost the phone. Smartphone will be optimized for working on a 5G network without consuming a battery.

Features :-

LG’s upcoming smartphone will support 5G network

LG’s 5G phone will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor

4,000 mAh battery will be in the smartphone


Happy Republic Day 2019: Congratulations on the 70th Indian Republic Day.

India republic day celebration all over country with enthusiastic environment.

 Republic Day is celebrated each year on January 26 in INDIA. On January 26, 1950, the Constitution came into our country, in which we celebrate January 26th January as Republic Day. The constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949 to become an independent republic, but it was implemented on January 26, 1950. Bhimrao Ambedkar (B. R. Ambedkar) devised the Constitution in two years, 11 months and 18 days and dedicated it to the nation. Our Constitution is considered as the world’s largest constitution. The Constituent Assembly which constituted the Constitution was headed by Bhimrao Ambedkar, while Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad etc. were the main members of this gathering.

Republic Day History

History of the Republic Day is very interesting. In order to become an independent republic and establish the rule of law in the country, the Constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949 and on 26 January  1950 it was implemented with a democratic government system. In December 1929, the session of the Indian National Congress in Lahore was held under the chairmanship of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It was announced by passing the resolution in this session that if India was not given Dominion status by the British Government till January 26, 1930, India would be declared as a fully independent country.

When the British Government did nothing till January 26, 1930, Congress announced that the decision of India’s complete independence on that day and started its active movement. From that day until the independence of 1947, on January 26, the Republic Day was celebrated. After this, the Independence Day of India was celebrated on August 15, on the actual day of independence. After the liberation of India the Constituent Assembly was announced and it started its work from 9 December 1947. Members of the Constituent Assembly were elected by the elected members of the assemblies of the states of India.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad etc. were the main members of this gathering. There were a total of 22 committees in the constitution building, in which the draft committee was the most  important committee and the work of this committee was a complete ‘write-up’ or ‘construct’. The chairman of the draft committee was Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The draft committee and in particular Dr. Ambedkar constructed the Indian Constitution in 2 years, 11 months and 18 days and handed over Constitution of India to Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949.

Many reforms and changes took place before singing two handwritten copies of the constitution on 24 January 1950 by 308 members of the Assembly members. Two days later, the Constitution came into effect throughout the country on January 26. To maintain the importance of January 26, the Constitution approved by the Constituent Assembly on the same day was recognized as the Republic of India. Therefore, on January 26 every year is celebrated as Republic Day.

1. The Republic Day Parade is organized on the Rajpath(New Delhi) in the country. This parade is of eight km and it starts with Raisina Hill. After that, via Rajpath, India Gate, this ends on the Red Fort.

2. On January 26, 1950, the first Republic Day parade was held in then Irwin Stadium (now National Stadium) instead of Rajpath. There was no wall around the Irvine Stadium at that time and the red fort was clearly visible behind it.

3. Constitution of India was enforced on January 26, 1950 at 10.18 am in the morning.

4. Keeping in mind the full Swaraj Day (January 26, 1930), the Indian Constitution was implemented on 26th January.

During the national anthem, a salute of 21 guns is given. The 21 openings of guns begin with the beginning of the national anthem and complete with the end of the 52-second national anthem.


Home remedies for fast growth of HAIR

Every girl first wants that her hair is black, long and thick. While good hair enhances your personality, there is a great help in enhancing the beauty of our body. Therefore it is vital to give  plenty of nourishment to make  hair healthy, soft and shiny.

However, nowadays, a lot of products are available in the market to care for our hair, but along with being expensive, they contain chemicals which can harm hair. Today, we are going to tell you some home remedies that will make your hair naturally black, long and dense and will not harm any hair.

Home remedies for quickening hair


You may have seen onions as a vegetable often, but you would be surprised to know that by using onion you can prevent hair from falling. Onion juice removes all the hair problems and nourishes the hair. Onion protects against hair loss and from being brown. Onion juice has bacterial properties which prevent hair infections, which prevents hair from being diluted.


Amla is very beneficial for hair. Due to the presence of nutrients such as carotenoid in Amla, it helps in increasing hair growth. If your hair is not black then mixing powder of amla and rhea will make your hair black. By applying amla juice once a week, hair starts growing rapidly.


Eggs contain abundant proteins, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, sulfur and iodine, which protect our hair from falling. Nutrients present in the egg is also very beneficial for hair. These nutrients help in lengthening the hair too.

Elovera and Honey

Aloe vera and honey are  boon for hair. Aloe vera has vitamins, selenium, and many other types of nutritious elements that relieve hair from dandruff. Mixing aloe vera gel and honey with equal amounts and putting it in the hair, hair is healthy, strong and long.


Henna works as a natural conditioner for hair. Mixing half cup of curd in a cup of henna powder, the root of the hair is strong and hair is thick.


Potatoes will also be seen and eaten. Along with eating potatoes, it helps in increasing hair very faster. If the potato juice is applied to the scalp for about 20 minutes before bath, it will help to make your hair long and strong.


Because cucumber contains   high levels of silicon and sulfur , the hair starts growing rapidly due to its use. Wash  hair with cucumber juice or mix cucumbers, carrots and spinach with all the juice and drink them. This increases hair growth.


By applying a paste of fenugreek seeds, half an hour on the head increases the hair faster and the problem of dandruff ends.

juice of Lemon

Lemon juice also helps to deal with the problem of hair. For this you add a little bit almond paste to two teaspoon lemon juice and apply it in the hair.

Coconut and olive oil

Put one big spoon coconut oil and olive oil on your hair and head at least three times a week. This will relieve hair loss.

You should know that hair growth depends on your health and food. If your hair takes too much time to grow, than your hair needs care. Our focus should not only be towards hair growth, but also

Scalp care

Head massage helps in better circulation of the blood. Hair should also be used regularly

Tight peaks

Avoid sleeping night by making tight peaks. It can increase hair loss. While sleeping, put a loose peg or satin scarf on your hair and sleep.

Nourishment of hair

Protein-rich substances contribute greatly to the growth of hair. So avoid the junk food found in the market. Focus on balance diet.

Do not comb your hair

Do not comb into wet hair any time, because at this time they are most likely to break. Dry hair with the air.


Stress and tension has become part of our life, but keep in mind that routine stress does not affect your hair. If the level of stress is high in your lifestyle, then try to meditate. Work consistently so that you can stay mentally healthy. You can attend yoga classes to end stress.

Also pay attention to these things

• Eat a balanced diet, which makes your hair strong and healthy.

• Washing hair in cold water causes two hair loss.

• Keep hair shortened regularly.

• Always wash hair with normal water.




Chandra Grahan 2019: The first super blood moon of the year, the beliefs related to eating foods during lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2019: Today the first full moon eclipse of 2019 seen which did not appear in India. The time of lunar eclipse was in the morning. This eclipse also known as Chandra Grahan , which took place at 10.41 minutes, could be seen in the entire Western Hemisphere, North America, Central America and South America. These do not show in Australia and Asia. If you want to know how many and how long the moon eclipse (Chandra Grahan 2019) will occur in 2019, then let it be known that it is the first and last full moon eclipse of the year. Today, on 21 January, the first lunar eclipse of the year 2019 was appeared. In this eclipse the color of the moon is red during  the eclipse period, hence it is called Super Blood moon. The first lunar eclipse of the year which took place on January 21 is of three and a half hours duration. After this, the next full moon eclipse (Poorna Chandra Grahan) will take place two years later on May 29, 2021.

Super Lunar Eclipse 2019 (Lunar Eclipse Time Today (21, January)

The eclipse begins – at 9:04 am

Eclipse Middle – Ultimate Grass – at 10:42 am

Eclipse touch ended- at 11:13 in the morning.

Eclipse ends- At 12:21 pm

How does full moon eclipse occur? (Lunar Eclipse Occurs)

Now let us know how Chandra Grahan will be occurring. You know that the Earth revolves around the sun. In this process, whenever the Earth moves between the Moon and the Sun, the Sun Rays  going on the Moon is stopped by the Earth and the earth’s exclamation falls on the moon. This celestial phenomenon closes the look of the moon and it is called the lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Beliefs –

1. According to Hindu belief, during the Chandra Grahan, food should not be eaten. It is a myth or a belief in people that during this time the person who eats food, goes to Hell.

2. It is believed that during the eclipse, if water is needed to drink, then either put sesame in it or else add kush, dubh or basil leaves in it.

3. Before eclipse begin, in most of the Hindu families households, dumplings or basil leaves are put in food items, water and other food items. It is believed that the food is not unclean by doing this.

4. It is said that  before three hours of begin the  moon eclipse we should stop taking meals.

What Science says regarding Eating Food during Lunar Eclipse:-

Lunar eclipse science: There are many myths related to Chandra Grahan, which are spread among people. It is believed that the virus spreads in the environment due to toxic radiations, which contaminate food. This is the reason that people avoid cutting fruits, vegetables even during eclipse. 

According to beliefs, the things related to diet that you need to keep in mind during eclipse

During this time, you can take lightly savoury food. Which are easy to digest and also light for the stomach. During this time you can eat fruits. It will give full energy to the body even after eating it in small quantities.

Can we drink water during eclipse? : Avoid drinking water during this time. Because bacteria are active due to absent of sun rays. If you are sick or you are pregnant then you can drink a little warm water. Add in it, 8-10 drops of basil juice or leaves . Along with this, if you do not want to drink plain water, you can drink coconut water. The best way  would be to drink a good quantity of water before the eclipse.

Do not eat during eclipse! : According to the belief, non-veg diet should not be taken at all in the meantime. Alcohol, yeast and high protein food should not be taken during this period. It is very difficult to digest.

 What to do after eclipse: After eclipse you can come to your normal diet. After this fruits will prove to be good. This is good because the fruits contain plenty of antioxidants which will help the body to detoxify and boost energy.